• Battuta di fassona
  • Mix antipasti
  • Carne salada
Duck marinated with turmeric and citrus, spinach cruditè and almond slivers 11.00 €
Snails à la parisienne with Elvo Valley butter flavored with Pastis and Dill 10.00 €
Crispy casket with trout smoked with beech wood and pineapple-ginger mustard 10.00 €
Raw finely chopped meat of Fassone Veal with Blue cheese from Argentera Valley and Anchovies from Cantabrian Sea 12.00 €
Alpine Trilogy: Grilled Polenta Pignolet with Artichokes – farro, champignon and Truffle carpaccio – melted Tomino cheese from Langhe with cabbage flakes 13.00 €
Our plate of assorted cold cuts: venison bresaola, lamb speck, goose salami, wild boar ham with caramelized onions 17.00 €

First Courses

  • Zuppa
  • Gnocchi
  • Paccheri
  • Tortelli
Cappellaccio pasta stuffed with Sbirro cheese from Biella in reduction of beer and pomegranate acidity 13.00 €
Сarrot and coriander сreamy soup with Amaretti Crumble and croutons 10.00 €
Gnocchi made of potatoes Agria from Champlas stuffed with Castelmagno cheese with butter and hazelnuts 12.00 €
Agnolotti pasta with Cod fish, Apple and pistachios in bufala cheese sauce 14.00 €
Nettle pasta Tagliatella with Roe Deer fresh pulp macerated in Barbera wine and Juniper 12.00 €

Main courses

  • Last Tango
  • Last Tango
  • Spiedino
  • Last Tango
Fassone ribeye steak grilled in fireplace 42.00 €/kg
Iberico pork ingot glazed with honey and tomato-coffee mayonnaise 18.00 €
Our rooster cooked at low temperature with pesto of walnuts, bell peppers and mint 16.00 €
Beef fillet from Cavour grilled in fireplace served with selection of salts 23.00 €
Our Beef Fillet à la Last Tango with penny bun Dashi, Miso and Beetroot 25.00 €
Deer french rack cooked with Arneis wine, Cinnamon and white grape Mustard 21.00 €
Seasonal garnish 6.00 €

Pre Order Only

  • Last Tango
  • Last Tango
  • Spiedino
  • Last Tango
Fondue savoyarde:
Cheese fondue served with steamed vegetables and dried crusts of bread
24.00 €
Fondue bourguignonne:
3 types of meat, which you fry in a pot with boiling oil; served with homemade sauces
28.00 €
Bagna càuda:
Typical Piedmont dish eaten by dipping raw, boiled or roasted vegetables in a warm sauce made of cream, anchovies and garlic
22.00 €
Raclette cheese is heated by a special machine, then scraped onto plates; served with boiled potatoes, hams, onions, olives and gherkins
25.00 €
4 types of meat, which you cook on a heated stone; served with vegetables, potatoes and homemade sauces
30.00 €
Potatoes baked in oven with local cheese, bacon and onion
22.00 €

And also..

  • Pere
  • Frutti di bosco
  • Formaggi
Assorted cheeses served on a cutting board with walnuts, chestnuts & homemade blueberry jam 15.00 €
Homemade desserts 7.00 €

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